Sonnex™ Multiroom Audio System

Deliver a great listening experience in every room

Sonnex is simply the best-sounding, most powerful multi-zone audio distribution solution. It includes a high-powered amp, pre-amp, advanced DSP, and a full 24×8 matrix switcher. It’s ideal for homes of all sizes, as well as restaurants, sports bars, night clubs, hotels, and banquet halls.

Easy installation saves you time and money

Sonnex is the only solution that provides one-wire audio transport over CAT5e wire or fiber optic cable. One wire delivers 48 channels of uncompressed audio to expanders that can be localized or centralized, dramatically reducing the need to home run cables and speaker wires.

Fully scalable to fit any space

With CAT5e transport, Sonnex is fully scalable using expansion units that can be placed centrally or remotely. Start with the SWAMP-24X8 at your head end, and add up to eight room expanders for an astounding 74 stereo zones of robust, audiophile sound quality.

Simple integration with Apple®

Integrated with Apple AirPlay® and AirPort Express®, users can stream and control audio from an Apple iPhone® or iPad®, and have their music start playing in any room without any interaction with a touch screen, control device or additional hardware in each room. Additionally, they can play their music on home audio systems.

Sound, the way you want it

With the included Sonnex Tools software you can fine-tune your listening experience by controlling equalization and creating speaker profiles.